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Linda in Ustrasana

Linda B. , Tampa, FL - Competitive Marathon Runner

I am a believer in this class!  What a fantastic form of yoga Iyengar is!  Anastasia addresses any issues that you may be having before you start her class.  I have flare ups with my G.I. track or lack of sleep and have a lot of stress with two aging parents.  Each and every class that I attend, I am feeling better when I leave then when I started the class!  What a great teacher she is!  She corrects your pose immediately if you are slightly off to prevent any injuries.  She shows you how it should be done before you try it.  I get in an awesome workout in addition to all this!  I am also a runner and this has improved my flexibility and I do not get as sore after my long runs.  I have taken yoga classes in the past and Anastasia's classes are nothing like them!  Happier and hooked.

Patti in Supported Sarvangasana


Patti B, St. Petersburg, FL / NJ -   Restaurant and catering business owner.  Mother of three.  Avid tennis player.

I feel that Iyengar Yoga has greatly improved my posture - after class I have this sensation of having more space in my chest and walking taller.  In my job, I stand long hours and this can sometimes make my back ache.  I play tennis 3-4 times a week, sometimes two, three hours straight.  Tennis is a very one sided sport, after a match I feel my muscles very tight. Doing yoga has also improved my tennis game: I have an easier time alligning my body to hit the ball with the strength of the entire body.   In class my body realligns by stretching and strengthening both sides evenly.  When I first started I could not even think of bending forward and touching my toes, now I do it relatively easy.  Every week, when I am in FL, I arrange my schedule to have my yoga fix three times a week.  When I can't, I practice by myself but Iyengar yoga is now part of my life. 

Philip F,  Clearwater, FL - Internet Executive and Sailing enthusiast.

Iyengar Yoga's helped me in getting rid of my back pain and regain confidence in my body and posture.  Anastasia is by far the best yoga teacher I have ever had in my yoga practice spanning California, New York and Florida.  She teaches you how to get in, hold and get out of the poses correctly strengthening your core and posture.  There is no easy way out with Anastasia: she puts you in front of your individual responsibility towards your mind and body. 

Cindy in Sarvangasana

Cindy N. St, Petersburg, FL  - Business Owner - I started Iyengar yoga over a year ago and thought it was very different [from any other yoga lineage]. Take for example Downward Facing Dog, in other yoga classes I attended the emphasis was on getting the heels down. As someone with tight calves, I felt, I could never, never do that! In Iyengar Yoga the use of props, attention to proper alignment and the way of getting into the pose really helps. After studying with Anastasia for a year, I understand that a single goal for the pose, like getting the heels down, is not necessarily what the down ward dog is about.   It is more about aligning your back, your shoulders and your arms. The heels down come at the very end of the pose after the shape of the pose is correct".

Sue Claire P, St. Petersburg, FL


Dear Anastasia,

I would like to express my appreciation for your outstanding teaching in the yoga class.  I truly believe that the discs between the vertebrae in my spine are more 'cushiony' because of your class.  I will always remember to lengthen and twist in 3 stages because of your instructions.  You've helped me be a better yoga student and I know that will help me have a better quality of life as I age.  I have been practicing yoga for 10+ years.  You are one of the best teachers I've ever had.  Sue Claire, St. Petersburg, FL

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